Astronomy & Astrophysics

For as long as he can remember, Anthony Paulsey has been fascinated by astronomy and astrophysics. An armchair astronomer of sorts, he dabbles in the science of space in his free time.

Growing up, Anthony Paulsey found himself enamored with outer space.  The concept of other worlds existing outside of his own both fascinated and amazed him — even at a young age.  Today, he continues to fuel his interest in the study of astronomy strictly as a hobbyist.  But he believes that his interest in a world outside of planet Earth is exemplary of his passion for thinking outside of the box.

Astronomy Hobbyist

Anthony Paulsey Astronomy

Anthony Paulsey is an armchair astronomer who enjoys prolifically studying all branches of astronomy.  His personal favorite is Astrophysics, but he also dabbles in Astrobiology, as well as Planetary and Stellar Astronomy.  Paulsey keeps pace with the science of the stars by keeping a close eye on publications like Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now, and BBC Sky at Night.  His childhood curiosity has by now fully developed into a personal passion.  And although Paulsey’s professional sights aren’t set on astronomy, he’s adamant that he’ll continue to explore the science of space in close detail for years to come!

To fuel his fascination with astronomy, Anthony Paulsey regularly visits his local observatory.  He also maintains his own collection of binoculars and telescopes.  Paulsey also keeps a detailed record of his observations, which he often compares to recently published research.  By keeping up with updates from organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the amateur astronomer pays close attention to transient astronomical events and other updates.  In the future, he hopes to debut his own blog series in which he’ll touch on the latest developments and discoveries in the fascinating world of astronomy.