Movies & Films

A self-proclaimed film fanatic, Anthony Paulsey is dedicated to keeping up with the latest movie releases.

For Anthony Paulsey, nothing beats watching a good film!  More than just an avid watcher of movies, this film fanatic is completely immersed in the world of cinematography.  He enjoys all facets of the production, from the details that go into a screenwriter’s first draft to the extended director’s cut of a particular movie.  Paulsey is no stranger to any genre either.  In fact, he enjoys them all with an analytical and critical approach all his own.  A major believer in the idea of perspective, Paulsey often watches a film numerous times before really diving into potential meanings or messages.

Although he enjoys films of all genres, Anthony Paulsey particularly enjoys movies that maintain elements of Comedy, Adventure and Horror.  This unique, and yet often portrayed blend keeps Paulsey entertained and on his seat.  In his opinion, a truly great film blends genres together seamlessly, rather than focusing on a black and white design.

Film Finance

Anthony Paulsey hopes to one day navigate the territory of the film world from a professional perspective.  Calling on his Finance expertise, he aspires to potentially lend his skills to film production companies in a unique way.  Specifically, Paulsey envisions himself working on projects launched by creators with small budgets.  By bringing his knowledge in wealth management to the table, he hopes to assist independent filmmakers through the process of bringing their ideas to the big screen by developing a winning financial plan.  Although finance isn’t often the first thing someone thinks of when they envision the film world, it’s an undeniably large part of the production process.  Without proper management of a film’s budget, an entire project can collapse long before the director shouts ‘action!’  Realizing this, Paulsey will aim to assist small creators in navigating the tricky terrain that is a film budget.  Though this idea isn’t something that Paulsey anticipates happening overnight, it is something that he looks forward to developing on in the future.